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Are you just starting out in business? Have you got to prepare a financial forecast in order to justify a lending or overdraft facility?

Here at Kara Accountants, we can work with you to prepare a financial forecast for your business, enabling you to have the tools necessary to present your ideas when required.

Whether this is a short-term or a long-term financial forecast, bring your ideas to us and our team can work through these equipping you to forecast and measure your business progress. We are FUTRLI accredited partners and can use the power of FUTRLI to generate real time live updating forecasts as well as specific scenario analysis to give you better access to reliable information for decision making and analysis.


A budget is a detailed financial outline or what the business thinks it will spend over a set period of time – usually a year (known as a financial year).


A financial forecast is a projection of what will happen on a ‘top level’ look throughout that time frame including key revenue items and overall expenses.

A financial forecast can be done for a short-term purpose; usually for operational reasons, for example staffing levels or to present to a bank for a loan or for long-term; a look at what is likely to occur over several years of the business which would feed into a business strategy or plan.

If you’re starting out in business or would like help in preparing a financial forecast or budget in order to move forward, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us for more information.

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