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We aim to ensure that you are operating as tax efficiently as possible and work hard to ensure that you don’t over pay your tax.


A tax return or self assessment is a requirement for all “self-employed” status individuals, whether sole traders or partnerships.

These are the legally required returns from which tax and NIC liability is assessed on the individual. It is, therefore, vital that these returns are accurate in order that the individual neither pays too much, nor too little, tax.

At Kara Accountants we work hard to minimise our clients’ tax liabilities using avoidance techniques currently available.


This is the completion of the company’s corporation tax return on which the company’s liability to corporation tax is calculated.

It is a complicated computation and is best done by those familiar with its workings. Our software systems are integrated and allow the process to be streamlined to reduce the time in producing them and hence the cost to our clients.

If you are unsure of how to complete a self assessment or tax return, do NOT leave it to the last minute as there may be information that you need to obtain – let us complete the process for you, stress free!

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