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5 Ways To Save Money While The Cost Of Living Rises

We’re all experiencing the drawbacks of the cost of living increasing. Which has led us to look for ways to cut corners and save some money at home and in the office. By following these simple tips and tricks, you may find that you’ll save some money and combat the cost of living.

1. Be More Efficient With Energy

There are many ways to make sure your energy use is more efficient. By being more efficient with your energy, you can guarantee that you’ll save some money. Ensure your house is properly insulated or check your boiler is running efficiently. Another way to maintain energy efficiency is to, instead of turning the heating on for when you’re slightly cold, put thicker or more clothes on. This way you won’t be spending more on heating. 

2. Find Alternatives To Driving

With the price of fuel increasing, riding a bike instead of driving can save 100% on the cost of running a car. You can also try walking more too. Both methods are beneficial to your health and can result in a greener lifestyle. If you commute long distances, try taking public transport to reduce the number of emissions.

3. Buy Wonky-Vegetables 

Even though you may hate the idea of buying non-conventional-looking food, it is much cheaper and can save you money in the long run. Remember they still taste the same! We love wonky veg and find that they’re much more sustainable and just as yummy.

4. Shorten Your Showers

We all love long, hot showers; however, having shorter showers can decrease the amount of money spent on water bills. Instead of having a long, relaxing shower, try having a brisk, short shower and save some money. And, we know they’re heavenly but try and reduce the number of bubble baths too.

5. Create Budgets

By budgeting, you can allocate yourself a set amount for each thing. Whether you have a set budget for bills or a budget for luxuries, your allocated budget means you can’t overspend. If you are unsure about how to budget or would like assistance, you can check out our budgeting services here.

Overall, these tips and tricks will help you save some money. Cutting costs are sometimes hard but necessary. Maybe we don’t want to take a short shower or buy wonky veg, but it’s all the little things that add up. If you’re looking for more guides, news, and suggestions, look at our blog page for more information. 

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