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A lowdown on Forensic Accounting

Forensic accountancy is a specialist field focusing on analytical and investigative processes in relation to finances. A Forensic Accountant works to not only identify and bring to light any evidence of fraudulent activity, but also to work with client to help minimise and prevent fraud in general.

At Kara, we will work closely with the business to investigate and analyse financial evidence and will then fully communicate our findings to you in the form of reports, exhibits and collection of documents.

Why would I need this?

If you are unhappy with the content of your accounts or if you have a suspicion that a member of your team is misappropriating company or business funds. This can be a worrying time for any business and if so, you need an accountant that can come along and perform detailed forensic accounting on your business accounts.

One of the key functions of forensic accounting is to explain the nature of a financial crime to the courts. Forensic accounting is also used by the insurance industry to establish damages from claims.

The main objective of forensic accounting is to find useful financial information and trends that could indicate criminal or fraudulent activity. Forensic accountants can use their skills to find hidden assets, the true value of a person’s estate or accounting regularities in business.

Why us

With many years’ experience in this field, Kara Accountants can provide a fully confidential and discerning investigation to see whether there is any foundation to your concerns.

Our forensic accounting knowledge and expertise ensures that we are familiar with legal procedures and are up to date with the latest legislation and procedures. Get in touch today for a confidential conversation.

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