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Loneliness as a Sole Trader

Once you’ve stepped out into the world of owning and running a business, whether that be starting as a limited company contractor, freelancing, or becoming a sole trader, most people won’t look back! However, many people who venture out on their own find it tough in the early stages and can feel vulnerable or lonely, being used to colleagues or a team around them, to suddenly feeling very isolated.

Read on to learn how to beat the feelings of loneliness in the workplace…

Arrange face to face meetings

Whilst this has been difficult over the last 18 months, (hopefully!) now we can start to arrange more face-to-face meetings. Email conversations have their place but if you’re a sole trader or contractor working from home, it can be a breath of fresh air to get out the house and have a meeting face to face with clients. Even a Skype meeting will allow you to see and speak to a client however meeting someone in person allows you to build a deeper relationship and understanding of them.

Co-Working spaces

There are many benefits to using a coworking space for your business, including having someone to speak to you when you need it! Take a breath for coffee or stretch your legs in between projects and there are other people who are in the same boat as you. You’ll get to know the regular people who are living a work-life very similar to yours and will give you opportunities to have conversations when you need them.


The best way to not feel alone is by finding a group of people that you can regularly meet and connect with, build business relationships with and to have contact with on a regular basis. It can be a big confidence step to take, especially if you are a naturally introverted person however it will be the best decision you’ll make to not feel the loneliness when working on your own. Whether you choose a small or large group, you travel to big events or find something locally, networking can help you learn and develop new skills, create new connections and provide opportunities for your business to grow.

Have a social life

Don’t forget to have a social life outside of work! You may be working for yourself, but if you’re looking to manage a good work-life balance, you’ll want to get and about outside of working hours too. There’s always time to meet a friend for coffee or take a trip to the gym. Health and wellbeing play a big part in how you feel in life, including how business is going and working for yourself.

Whatever situation you are in when it comes to working as a contractor, know that there are people around you to connect with at all times. Don’t be alone – get in touch – we’d love to talk!

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