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How To Use LinkedIn Effectively

Do you use LinkedIn as a marketing tool? If not, it’s definitely worth considering!

LinkedIn can be a great place to highlight your professional portfolio, experience, and expertise. Making relevant connections is a great place to start to identify potential business opportunities. Take a look at some top tips for using LinkedIn effectively:

It’s important that your profile represents you well. Therefore, start by ensuring that your profile picture is up to date and of a high quality. A clear photo of yourself increases your credibility and the chances of a new connection accepting your request. Haven’t got a professional headshot? Don’t worry! Even a clear photo taken on your phone will work.

Use the space for your ‘about’ section and set out 3-4 paragraphs with details on

  • what you do
  • your key skills
  • your experience

Think about the positive impact you have to your clients and include this – it is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Update your professional experience and keep updating it, this may seem like an obvious tip but so often this is overlooked.

Working towards building on your professional development? Post about it!

Had an amazing client review come in? Post about it!

Regularly publish content that includes helpful tips and respond to the engagement your content receives. This can include blogs, articles, and LinkedIn polls.

Comment and engage with your network, feel free to position your expert opinion when you have the opportunity.

LinkedIn is a fantastic social platform for nurturing and growing your business network and with consistency you will see more and more professional opportunities come from this!

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